Initial commit

At long last I have started my blog. I am going to describe here my thoughts and ideas which relate with a web development. I will also plan to share my experience (successful and failed), my projects, and experiments.

I chose Jekyll as my blog engine because:

  • simple design;
  • flexibility;
  • local server for debugging and preview;
  • markdown;
  • gh-pages as free hosting;
  • and, finally, I can write posts using my lovely vim ^^

Special thanks to Roman Komarov who gave me permission to borrow his idea of a clean design. The idea is simple: content is a king. No extra elements. No images. I love it.

Then I tested my blog using BrowserStack. Actually it is a perfect tool for cross browser and cross platform testing ever. Why did I test my blog? I wanted to be sure that it works fine not only in desktop browsers but in mobile, too.

Anyway, things are moving...

If you found a mistake please feel free to contribute or report it as a task.